True Beauty

by Tara Divina

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Solomon Russell
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Solomon Russell Every song on this album is truly sublime. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift Tara. Favorite track: Rainbow Light.
Sergio N. Lialin
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Sergio N. Lialin True Beauty is not only the album title for Tara Divina’s latest recording glory, it is also an apt description for the musical treasures inside this cd.

I love hearing her angelic voice (with the most compelling and provocative vibrato) and her unhurried nylon string guitar playing, weaving a magical sense of wonder and grace around me.

These songs are heart-opening for me, and a perfect antidote for my daily commute. Favorite track: Gateless Gate.
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When divine beauty meets deep pain, the result is profound healing. Like Yin and Yang, these apparent opposites are meant for each other. Beauty is powerful medicine, and music is a perfect medium for beauty. Our tears want to fall to the beat of a drum. Our heart wants to ache to a breathtaking song. Our prayers long to be carried on the wings of our voices, to the infinite space where they are all heard and answered.

True Beauty is my musical prayer for Grace, the courage to follow our hearts beyond reason into the mystery, and to find authentic joy and aliveness in the process. Each song is designed to embed itself into your subconscious, effortlessly reprogramming your thoughts and impulses with a more empowering message, and tuning them to a resonant frequency.

The songs are not designed for entertainment - some of them are quite long and they repeat themselves. This is intentional! I recommend listening to the album from start to finish in a ritual setting, perhaps with a candle or with your eyes closed, or on a long drive, on headphones during a flight... any situation where you can drop in deeply with yourself.

This album has been 5 years in the making and I'm absolutely thrilled to share it with you now.


released July 20, 2016

All songs written and performed by Tara Divina
I See Your Wings co-written with Jonathan Will ● Traditional lyrics on Cuatro Colores

Produced by John Alevizakis

Mastered by Colin Davis at Imperial Mastering

Recorded and mixed by John Alevizakis at Little Buddha Studio -
Vocals on Surrender and guitar on Divine Alignment were recorded by Chris James at The Wizard Ranch

Backing vocals on Surrender by Adey Bell ● Lead guitar on Divine Alignment by Sarit Neundorf ● Charango on Gateless Gate by Robert Ryan III ● Violin on I See Your Wings and Precious Being by Mark Lee ● Ney flute on Ember by Eliyahu Sills

Artwork by Ka Kathryn June Amorastreya -


● To everyone who generously supported the funding of this album. A special mention goes out to three particularly amazing women, Marcia Wieder, Joanne McPike and Corrine Engelgau for their humbling generosity.

● To JonJon, the genius producer who waved his magic wand of creativity over this album in a way that has magnified the brilliance and beauty in each note. You are a true answer to my prayers.

● To the unbelievably talented Ka Kathryn June Amorastreya for gracing the cover with her exquisite, cosmic rays of artistry.

● To the magically inspiring Ali Maya, who inspired me to write music and sing again by infusing me with her musical medicine over many years.

● To George Bertelstein for teaching me how to pray.

● To Sergio Lialin for repeatedly lending me his beautiful guitar and his wisdom.

● To Max Marmer, Annie May Willis, Lauren Arrow and Robert Ryan III for your loving support and encouragement along the way.

© & ⓟ 2016 Tara Divina - All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Tara Divina San Rafael, California

~ Medicine-music maker, reality-shaker, truth-discovering, joy-uncovering, angelic-heart-quaker, heavenly-song-awakener, rainbow-light-channel-for-the-divine's-love-melody, healing with the frequency of True Beauty by the Grace of the Goddess. ~

Tara Divina is a California-based singer-songwriter who makes healing, mystical music with a World flavor.
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Track Name: Cuatro Colores
Los cuatro colores de los cuatro vientos, ai

Negro, rojo, amarillo, blanco
Yanna he a nah hey ney oh way

Los cuatro colores de los cuatro medicinas, ai

Negro, rojo, amarillo, blanco
Yanna he a nah hey ney oh way

Los cautro colores de los cautro racas del mundo

Negro, rojo, amarillo, blanco
Yanna he a nah hey ney oh way

The four colors of the four directions, Black, Red, Yellow, White
The four colors of the four medicines, Black, Red, Yellow, White
The four colors of the four races, Black, Red, Yellow, White
Track Name: Gateless Gate
Jasmine blossoms in the air
And crystal beings everywhere
Rainbow queens and feathered wings
Sacred love in everything

Just one more breath
One more night
One more step
Into the light

You're heading there
You're shining through
To meet all the blessings
Here for you



With Mother's Grace
A divine embrace
Awaits you at
The Gateless Gate
Track Name: Ember
There's an ember
Glowing inside my heart
There's an ember
Growing inside my heart
A tiny spark
That's lighting up the dark
There's an ember
Deep inside my heart

Won't you fan the flames
And hold me while I burn
Won't you fan the flames
And burn it all away
Take (tear) me apart
And open up my heart
Won't you fan the flames
And hold me while I burn
Track Name: Surrender
Surrender to my love
Surrender to my love
Surrender through your heart
Lay all your weapons down
And everything that keeps us apart
Track Name: I See Your Wings
You never knew walking with your feet on the ground
Feathers folded on your shoulders while you stumbled around
Angel don't you know that you can open up your heart
Spread your wings wider and fly higher, make your life a work of art
Soar like a Phoenix rising up from the ash
Burn the ground beneath your feet, jump off the cliff and don't look back

I see your wings
I know you can fly

Beneath the emptiness you've felt is a treasure trove of faith
That will carry you past the pain into a world of aliveness
Just feel where you are now, I promise you're not far now
From harnessing the power of your creative force
Opening your channels and freeing your voice

I see your wings
I know you can fly

Even if you can't see it yet just look me in the eye
See your reflection in me and you'll know how high you'll fly
You're a bird, you're a plane, you're an angel in disguise
An emissary of the love that you carry through the sky
Shine it far and wide, your light will ripple to infinity
You'll soon be gliding through the cosmos beaming your divinity

I see your wings
I know you can fly
Track Name: Broken Open
My heart is broken
Broken open
'Cause I'm ready to be free
Track Name: Divine Alignment
I live my life in divine alignment (x2)

I do what I'm shown and I know when to let go
I do what I'm shown and I grow when I let go

Jumping off the cliff
Into the abyss of the unknown

Into the arms of my mother I go (x4)

Hari nam sat nam hari nam hari
Hari nam sat nam sat nam hari (x2)


Hari Nam = the name of Divine.
Sat Nam = Truth is the Divine's name.

"The first part of this mantra aligns the powerful creative flow of life (Hari Nam) with your personal identity and destiny. The second line aligns your intuitions with your intention so the unseen hand of spirit supports your fulfillment." ~Gurucharan Singh Khalsa
Track Name: Rainbow Light
Oh rainbow light won't you show me the way
And light up the dark corners of my perception

Oh rainbow light bathe me in your rays
Help me walk in a good direction

Oh rainbow light please shower me with
The luminous glow of forgiveness

Oh rainbow light tell me that it's ok
That I make mistakes and that I'm not perfect

Oh rainbow light won't you remind me that there's
Room for us all to shine

Oh rainbow light remind me that I
Don't need to be anyone but me and who I am is quite alright

Oh red is the color that i feel inside when I connect to the earth through my each and every breath

Oh orange is the color of my inner fire when I'm opening to truth

Oh yellow is the color of my mind when it's illuminated and bright

Oh green is the color that my heart feels true when I'm opening to love and opening to you

Oh blue is the song of my soul when it sings a melody of bliss

Oh indigo is the ocean wide of consciousness

Oh violet is the rays of wisdom and compassion radiating from my crown

Oh sacred spectrum of this life I invoke you with these sounds
Track Name: Be Love
I surrender the known
For the magic to unfold
I surrender the old for the new

I surrender the ways
That have held back the days
Of living my prayer for truth

I call in my prayer
It is simple and clear
It wants me to give and receive love

I call in the light
To make everything right
And show me the way to just be love
Track Name: Precious Being
Precious being
I thank you
For all that you are
Precious being I honor you
For all that you've done
I'm so grateful to know you
To walk hand in hand
I'm so thankful to be with you
To drink from your fountain
Divine teacher and friend
Track Name: Precious Being (Divine Lover)
Precious being
I thank you
For all that you are
Sacred One I honor you
For all that you've done
I'm so grateful to know you
To walk hand in hand
I'm so thankful to be with you
To drink from your fountain
Divine lover and friend

Om Radha Krishnaya Namah